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More than ten years, "Hazel Sports" represents and distributes in Bulgaria some of the world's leading skate and snowboard brands. The company has a distribution network of over thirty specialty stores nationwide. Our office and showroom are located in the central part of Sofia.

Since its inception in 1998, "Hazel Sports' helps resurgent native skate scene by sponsoring riders and organizes competitions and tours in different cities of the country.
The company is also active in Bulgarian snowboard and in the period 1999-2004 supports a team of leading riders of the new Bulgarian BMX-scene.

Together with his associates and other companies in the industry, "Hazel Sports" supports the construction and maintenance of the former Sofia skate park to the "Monument of the Soviet Army", where between 1999 and 2001 organized several large skate competitions. That took place on 05.24.2001, the international skate contest Etnies / Volcom Open, before huge crowds participating riders from Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic and Germany.

In different cities of Bulgaria "Hazel Sports" and held a number of competitions with an international format, Emerica Wild in the Streets, Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam, 'eS Game of Skate, Volcom Wild in the Parks and others.

The company also supports music and underground scene (Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Punk, Ska, etc.) And native skeyt-, snou- and Street-media.