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The first skateboard shoes Etnies were established in 1986 in France and then wore name Etnics. The word comes from Etnics Ethnic, that gives the skate its own identity. Three years later, pro-skateboarder Pierre Andre (European Champion 1982) carries the brand in California, now renamed Etnies. The success of the company began to grow with the release of pro-model Natas Kaupas. Its popularity helped sales Etnies as a whole for the next few years. In fact, Etnies is the first creators of the pro model skate shoe.



In the US, Pierre Andre managed for a short time to develop Etnies Skate Shoes in the company, which is today. In many models the design was created personally by sponsored riders, with time appearing models wearing names skate icons such as Arto Saari, Ryan Sheckler, Bastein Salabanzi, Ryan Campell and Lee Dainton - just a few. By sponsorship, Etnies work not only skate riders and with the same success and promote BMX, Moto-X, surfing and snowboarding.



Etnies launched a successful line skate shoes for girls and children. The last child brand that has appeared Etnies Plus. It's about a new type of footwear naaplno inherited basis of Etnies Skate Shoes, but inspired by art, fashion and music. They are made of rare and unusual for the manufacture of footwear, materials and can only be found in selected stores worldwide.

For over 20 years Etnies has established itself as one of the most popular skate brands and sold not only in the world and in Bulgaria.


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