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ThirtyTwo brand is specialized in the creation of snowboard boots, and from 1995 onwards they were able to develop the technology next level. With tireless passion of ThirtyTwo team tries to develop continuously the progress of their products. Currently, there are perfect shoes for any type of terrain, from city handrails and railings to snowy days on the tops of mountains.

Owned by the rider and developed by riders from the day of its establishment, ThirtyTwo provide the most authentic high-quality, lightweight, durable and 100% perfectly modeled shoes on the market. The company is developing very promising in the production of a full range of clothes for winter driving as they first appeared in the autumn of 2009. The initial series of snowboard jackets and pants will be developed in parallel with shoes ThirtyTwo, making them one of the leaders in neizmestimite snowboard industry.



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The current snow team ThirtyTwo include: JP Walker, Simon Chamberlain, Chris Bradshaw, Scott Stevens, Marie-France Roy, Markku Koski, Jon Kooley, Nima Jalali, Chris Grenier, Joe Sexton, Johnny Miller, Ben Bilocq, Tyler Flanagan, Ståle Sandbech

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