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Everything starts during March snow in 1991 with the story of Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hal, taken Snowboard Tour, which later changed their lives forever. Tucker was fired from work and goes to a regular place for skiing, Lake Tahoe to visit Nathan Fletcher and Mark Gabriel. After four days riding in the mountains Richard called work with the excuse that they were overwhelmed by the snow that has prolonged their stay. For more than a week daily snow mass increases by two feet. Two weeks later Richard left the job to spend more time snowboarding. He and Tucker have already discussed the idea of ​​their own brand clothes during the trip to Tahoe and later, in the same spring, they initiate raydarska company based on their three favorite sport. The start was given with the initial capital of $ 5000, employed by father Richard. First name and then the stone. Volcom was born into the world.

The main idea of ​​Volcom is inextricably linked to the philosophy of "youth against the rules." Energy is fully geared to support innovative and creative thinking of young people. Volcom was founded as a family of people who do not want to agree with the rules. All this is happening at a time when snowboarding and skateboarding are scorned and totally ignored. The US is in a recession, Los Angeles is surrounded by riots. Nirvana and Pearl Jam in his epogeya. Change floating around in the air.
First two years, Richard and Tucker travel the world with friends, taking advantage of every place is going to drive. Business country in all occupy the minimum position. The company's headquarters is Richard's room in Newport, and all sales are moving from that of Tucker in Huntington. Both have no concept of making clothes, but then it does not matter. Everything is in the spirit and creativity. Sales of clothing for the first year amounted to $ 2,600.

Then "wild" start, Volcom Stone slowly conquered the whole world. The company is changing internally, but continues to develop the same philosophy that begins. Volcom is currently one of the leading skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing companies and inseparably linked with both sport and way of dress and art, music and films.

"Volcom - Youth Against Establishment"

Official site - http://www.volcom.com/