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Altamont Apparel is the newest brand imported from Hazelsports and features idividualizam and originalnen style passed through the eyes of its founder - Andrew Reynolds. Currently, he is considered the person most influenced the development of the city riding in recent years. Building avangraden spirit through a combination of high quality materials and DIY (Do It Yourlself - DIY), he makes Altamont unique brand, shattering notions of traditional skate clothes.

The purpose of Altamont is to present each season a different collection with the assistance of people skate team and energetic team of friends, acquaintances, colleagues, artists, musicians (some of whom considered the most despised because of the extremity out) - people who brand recognized and respected. The brand is largely focused on music and extreme environments associated with it.


"In an era of dynamism and uncertainty, Altamont appears as a milestone in youth culture, when idealism and anarchy move hand in hand and no one is sure who is leading."

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